Interview With Cash Fashion

 Hopoffthis.Com got the chance to get an interview with Cash Fashion. The weather is about to break and Hopoffthis.Com loves to keep up with all the hottest clothing lines. Not only are the pieces unique, the colors are bright when it comes to switching up ” the look”, this line came right on time for summer.Continue reading “Interview With Cash Fashion”

Floral Delight

Hopoffthis.Com is so ready for spring and the floral delight! That’s correct, Hopoffthis.Com will be reveling great fabulous finds to get you in gear for the beautiful weather. What says flowers in full bloom are on your mind like a floral print strap-less dress? One of the most convent and cots efficient  outfits available toContinue reading “Floral Delight”

Valentines Day Snatch

A Valentine’s Day Snatch that’s bound to turn heads on that magical day! The gladiator fuchsia heel is really something to fall in love with. Women love to walk that walk and talk that talk, but when it comes complete in shoe, that’s the best feeling in the world! If you haven’t already started gettingContinue reading “Valentines Day Snatch”

Rhare Footage

Hopoffthis.Com had the opportunity to attend the Rhare Footage launch party and it was pretty impressive. Beautiful set up, full bar and an amazing DJ put me in mood to find out what is this ” Rhare Footage” and how can I get my hands on it! The creator Brandon Smith was very happy to expressContinue reading “Rhare Footage”

Beauty Has Reached New Levels With Jus Couture

Beauty has reached new levels with Jus Couture and it is definitely something to be excited about. Hopoffthis got the opportunity to interview the owner of Jus Couture and got some great insight on this fabulous line.  Jessika White is 19 years old and doing amazing things with her brand, ideas and accessory line calledContinue reading “Beauty Has Reached New Levels With Jus Couture”

Vonnie Cavalli Is Smoking Hot!

Vonnie Cavalli is smoking hot! This unisex clothing line is making its way to the top and has no intention of slowing down. Ivana Booker popularly known as Vonnie Cavalli has big dreams for her brand. STEVIE J TELLS THE JUICY TRUTH Urban wear and casual wear are the main focus of Vonnie Cavalli, withContinue reading “Vonnie Cavalli Is Smoking Hot!”