Trey Songz New Album Titled “Trigga”

Hopoffthis.Com is so excited for Trey Songz new album titled “Trigga”. It was released on July 1st to itunes and in-store copies are also available. Here at Hopoffthis.Com we always want the full experience so we got a chance to get out hands on the deluxe album which has three awesome bonus tracks titled ”Continue reading “Trey Songz New Album Titled “Trigga””

New Video From Artist Rich Ash has the full scoop on the new video from artist Rich Ash. The rap game is changing and Rich Ash is right there with it making a stamp with his music. His rap name describes the way he lives and it explains the mindset of where he is trying to be in the future.Continue reading “New Video From Artist Rich Ash”

DJBJ 3525 World has the exclusive on DJBJ 3525 World ! One of the hottest Dj’s in the streets right now and pressing to top through business ventures, confidence and an all around hard work ethic. Hearing the name “Lucky Jackson” aka “DJBJ 3525” rings bells when it comes to the hottest clubs, music and clothing. NotContinue reading “DJBJ 3525 World”

Exclusive Interview With Artist CashPaid has the exclusive interview with artist CashPaid. This 20-year-old rap superstar is on his way to the top with his passion for music and support system behind him. Cashpaid has been rapping since the age of 14 but didn’t get a serious drive for music until the age of 18. Previously in a localContinue reading “Exclusive Interview With Artist CashPaid”