Are Your 2015 New Year Resolutions Cliche?

Happy New Year From Hopoffthis.Com! But, are your 2015 New Year Resolutions cliché? When you hear the word ” Cliche” 9 times out of ten people never want to put themselves in that category, but trust and believe its possible.  Just so we’re all on the same page here, ” Cliche- a phrase or opinionContinue reading “Are Your 2015 New Year Resolutions Cliche?”

Jeezy’s Artist DoughBoyz CashOut Speaks Out On Chain Snatching Situation [VIDEO]

Originally posted on Hot 107.5:
Kid aka HBK of DoughBoyz CashOut Speaks out on the chain snatching situation and fight at COBO in this exclusive interview with Joseph McFashion of CTRLDET.COM. Related: Doughboyz Cashout Inspire a New Detroit Sound Jeezy, Doughboyz Cashout & YG – Boss Yo Life Up Gang Hosted By Don Cannon & DJ…