Interview With Cash Fashion

 Hopoffthis.Com got the chance to get an interview with Cash Fashion. The weather is about to break and Hopoffthis.Com loves to keep up with all the hottest clothing lines. Not only are the pieces unique, the colors are bright when it comes to switching up ” the look”, this line came right on time for summer.Continue reading “Interview With Cash Fashion”

Cool Mother’s Day Freebies

Looking for some cool mother’s day freebies? Don’t worry, Hopoffthis.Com has it covered! What a beautiful holiday, not only for mother’s, for family to come together and appreciate how much time, effort and patience it takes to raise a family. With all the gifts and love shown, why not take advantage of a few mother’sContinue reading “Cool Mother’s Day Freebies”

Happy Birthday Lebron James

Happy Birthday Lebron James from Hopoffthis.Com! We all love the star basketball player and his multi-talented success. As Lebron celebrates his 29th birthday today, Instagram was one of the first social networks to show Lebron all the happy birthday love. NBA star LeBron James became both the first member of the Cavalier franchise and the youngestContinue reading “Happy Birthday Lebron James”

Rhare Footage

Hopoffthis.Com had the opportunity to attend the Rhare Footage launch party and it was pretty impressive. Beautiful set up, full bar and an amazing DJ put me in mood to find out what is this ” Rhare Footage” and how can I get my hands on it! The creator Brandon Smith was very happy to expressContinue reading “Rhare Footage”

Elephante Is Out Of This World !

The clothing line Elephante is out of this world! Fall is here and fashion is definitely a factor for the season. Cool colors and prints always catch the eye this time of year and Elephante has plenty of items to choose from. The company Elephante was created April 27, 2013 with a mission to changeContinue reading “Elephante Is Out Of This World !”

Make Up That Changes Your Life

We all want make up that changes your life ! Well has found one of the most talented celebrity make-up artist on the market. Donovan Lamar is currently beating faces and leaving his stamp in states across the USA. Donovan attended Guilford College as a graphic design major and that’s where he discovered his trueContinue reading “Make Up That Changes Your Life”